Detailing 101 Class








Detailing 101 hosted by Chiro Diaz from Meguiars.


Meguiar’s “Detailing 101” Class is an in depth overview of Meguiar’s 5 Step Paint Care Cycle, Basic Interior, Wheel/Tire Care, and more.


We also cover techniques for our MT300 Dual Action Polisher Machine.


Meguiar’s has been providing detailing classes for 25+ years.


Learn techniques pros use to achieve a show car finish on your car!

Below is a more detailed list of topics we cover in this class:


  • Meguiar’s History

  • Meguiar’s Product Lines – Consumer, Professional Mirror Glaze & Detailer Lines, Marine/RV, 2019 New Products

  • Factors to keep in mind when asking “Which product do I use?”

  • Information on Meguiar’s Car Wash Solutions & Washing Accessories, Recommended Washing Techniques

  • Above Surface Contaminants, How to Evaluate, How to Remove, How to use Detailing Clay or a “Clay Bar”

  • Below Surface Defects, How to Evaluate for them, How to Remove Them

  • How to apply Compounds & Paint Cleaners by Hand or Machine

  • Pure Polishes vs. Cleaner/Polishes, Applying Polishes by Hand or Machine

  • What Waxes/Sealants provide for our vehicles paint & what they do not provide

  • Differences in various Meguiar’s Waxes/Sealants, How to properly apply a coat of Wax

  • Tips for proper paint maintenance

  • Basic Interior, Wheel/Tire Care Techniques & Product Selection

  • Overview of Meguiar’s MT300 Dual Action Polisher & Soft Buff D/A Foam Discs (Cutting, Polishing, Finishing)

  • Basic Dual Action Polisher Techniques, How to Perform a Test Spot using a Dual Action Polisher