Enigma AiO


  • Suitable for all types of paint.

  • Formulated to correct and refine medium to heavy scratches, swirl marks, paint defects, and imperfections.

  • Removes sanding marks up to P2500 grade.

  • A unique nano ceramic coating forms a layer of protection and fabulous gloss over the treated area.

  • Durable up to 3 months protection.



Shake well before use. Always check the compatibility and suitability of the paint surface by testing in an inconspicuous area. Apply the desired amount of polish to the selected machine polishing or compounding pad from the Angelwax range.

Using a rotary or dual action polishing machine, spread the compound around the panel with the machine polisher switched off.  Switch on the machine polisher and apply medium pressure whilst working in a crosswise motion until a clear film appears on the paint surface.

Remove any remaining traces of polish with a microfibre cloth.

Angelwax ENIGMA AIO can also be applied by hand.


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