CQuartz Fabric brings long-lasting CQuartz coating technology to fabric convertible tops, interior textiles, carpets, and fabrics.

It forms a super-hydrophobic barrier that repels water and stains, whilst resisting abrasion, UV fading, alkaline and acid attack for up to 12 months.

CQuartz Fabric does not change the feel of the surfaces to which it is applied, but will imbue them with total surface protection.

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Directions for Fabric:

  1. Shake well

  2. Spray sparingly but even onto surface OR preferred and safest method is to spray directly onto a sponge applicator.

  3. Work in evenly to a small area at a time from all directions.

  4. On thick plush fibers work into the surface with gloved hand and apply another very light coat on the surface.

Areas of Application:

  • Convertible tops.

  • Fabric seats.

  • Headliners.

  • Fabric wheel wells.

  • Upholstery.

  • Carpets.

  • Floor mats.

  • And more...


  • Super hydrophobic: Liquids are repelled instantly.

  • Durability: Withstands mechanical wear for up to a year and withstands strong soaps and high pH intensive detergents.

  • UV protection: Protects against UV degeneration while maintaining the supple feel and original color of treated surfaces.

  • Versatility: Protects many surfaces such as fabric upholstery, carpets, mats, & convertible fabric tops.

  • Suitable for a variety of textiles.

  • Long lasting protection for textiles against water, dirt and grease.

  • Resists bacteria growth from sweat, dirt, oils, and liquids.

  • Requires less cleaning: In most cases simply wipe with a damp towel.


  • Approximately 100ml to 250ml per vehicle dependent on size and Sq Ft. of fabric surfaces.


  • Clean the surface completely from dirt, dust, and all oils and dressings.

  • If cleaner has any byproducts then steam wipe or use damp cloth to remove residue before allowing to dry completely.

  • Apply only to 100% clean and dry surface.


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