Super Solvent Spot Remover Tec375


TEC375 Super Solvent is a VOC compliant blend of cleaning solvents developed especially to meet the requirements of the professional New Car Prep Department. Removes grease, gum, spots & stains on vinyl & upholstery – adhesives, sealers & rubber cements on vinyl, waxes, tar, silicones, undercoating overspray & gummy substances on hard surfaces. Safe on all automotive finishes. Will not leave rings or stains on cloth interiors. Biodegradable.


• Biodegradable
• VOC/OTC Compliant
• Safe On All Auto Paint Finishes
• Will Not Dull The Paint Finish
• Will Not Take Away The Sheen On Vinyl Surfaces
• Will Not Leave Rings Or Stains on Cloth Interiors

Directions: TEC375 must be at room temperature when using. When removing grease, undercoating or gummy substances from hard surfaces or vinyl, dampen rag and wipe away. On fabric; use as a spot remover by dabbing the spot and lifting it, continuously using a clean part of the towel


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