CarPro TRIX is a combination of Iron X plus special chemicals that remove tar and naphtha base components.

What this means for pro detailers is that one product removes a variety of harmful contaminants from the paint. Meanwhile, TRIX degreases the auto surface to prepare it for polishing. After using TRIX, the paint will be impeccably clean.

CarPro TRIX has a pH neutral base chemical. It is safe on most auto surfaces. Use it on wheels, paint, glass, plastic trim, aluminum, and chrome. (Warning: do not let TRIX dry on plastics!)


  1. Shake very well before spraying product each time.

  2. Spray on the surface and let product react for 5 minutes maximum.

  3. Rinse off or wipe with a soft sponge or microfiber towel.

CarPro TRIX Tar and Iron Remover is extremely easy to use. It does the work for you! Just spray it on, wait, and then wipe or rinse it off.

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Excellent wheel cleaner

Strong Degreaser and Cleaner

Iron Contaminant Remover

Tar Remover

PH Neutral


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