PES Filtration

Crisp , Clean , Refreshing

What is a PES Filtration System?

 Our PES Filtration reverse osmosis system is regarded as one of the most efficient ways to reduce impurities in your drinking water.

First , Water is passed through a commercial grade filter that eliminates dirt , debris ,and sediment up to 1 Micron!

Next, It’s sent through our exclusive CarbClear block!  

Where water impurities such as chemicals , chlorine, and hydro carbons are further reduced!  It also features Qualtex membranes which reduce total dissolved solids

* Some including Dangerous Sodium Nitrates and Lead !*

to an atomic level virtually undetectable with an electron microscope.

Finally, the water is polished on the way to your faucet to insure sweet tasting, high quality water.


Absolute Filtration


Absolute Filtration Commercial Information
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Unique Ict Filtration™

“Increased Contact Time”

Our system increases
the water contact time with the carbon 60x’s longer than our competitors, resulting in better contaminant reduction.


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High Capacity Prefiltration

Offers a much larger capacity than many other systems on the market ,but yet is small enough to tuck out of the way and still leave you plenty of valuable storage area.

Our tank is a must if you are supplying your refrigerator and ice maker with quality R/O water.


No Need For Impurities


The CarbClear Solid Filtration Prevents carbon fine release and chlorine bleed through into the drinking water.

This can be a problem with the typical granulated carbon filters most companies use. CarbClear removes up to 99% of chlorine, chloramines, hydrocarbons, and other organic impurities that may be in your water.



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