An easy to apply remover for spraycan

paints on bare brick, stone and masonry

that is used in conjunction with a small pressure washer.

It has an incredibly consistent 98% success rate with one application.

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Economical brush on / wipe off easy touse product for removing felt pens, wax, crayons, markers and most spraycan paints from any surface (including painted surfaces) without damage.

” It is truly remarkable and saves many architectural items from having to be re-painted or replaced. “

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A world first – enabling the removal of permanent markers (which have  impregnated or left a stain) from paint work, plastics, pre-cast concretegranite, terrazzo, stone and marble.

People cannot believe what they are actually seeing in front of their eyes & and neither will you, we guarantee it.

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Specially designed for sensitive, historic and important buildings to remove graffiti from stonework, brickwork and masonry without damage.

We have spent over 30 years removing paint carefully from over 10,000 buildings.

We have recognized the risk of damage from over zealous blasting or chemicals being entrapped within the surface fabric.

This product is effective first time every time requiring very low pressure to remove softened graffiti and most importantly, allowing any chemical to rinse out easily to avoid the presence of insoluble salts being left on masonry.

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The really ‘safe’ remover designed for  use in the

transport industry.

Removes hard sun-baked murals on trains left in yards, with ease.

A unique product especially designed for thick murals and hardened or sun-baked paints on all surfaces.

Also excellent on asphalt, tarmac or bitumen surface, unpainted metals and pre-painted steel fencing.

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Protects natural building surfaces against graffiti, pollution and grime.

This amazing product is a virtually invisible sacrificial anti graffiti Coating.

It’s made from wax polymers that act as a building protection product.

It’s ideal for delicate historic building structures or surfaces which have incurred previous damage.

The Coating flexes with the ambient temperature and is durable and UV

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Durable, long-lasting, penetrating sealer designed to provide stain resistance from Graffiti, Gum, Grease, Grime, Pollution, Salts, Moisture, UV sunlight, food, wine, and other spills, as well as maximum abrasion resistance against normal mechanical stress from pedestrian traffic, wheel-based equipment (bikes, skateboards, vehicles etc.), and regular professional cleaning processes such as pressure washing.

Suitable for natural stone floors, masonry, concrete, terracotta pavers, and other mineral surfaces, and will not compromise the appearance, friction, and natural slip resistance of the surface.

Once applied, cleaning is much faster and easier. Permanent stains and damage is avoided, prolonging the life and natural integrity of your floors.

Ideal for high-traffic locations including facilities, schools, parking garages, decks, driveways, skateparks, sports stadiums, downtown areas etc.

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Durable and long lasting penetrating sealer for porous, brick, stone, masonry, concrete, clay, and other mineral surfaces.

Designed to provide maximum graffiti resistance and prevent longer term deterioration from pollution, acid rain, smog, salt, water penetration, efflorescence, and damage caused by freeze/thaw cycle.

Removing all types of stains including moss, algae, and lichens is much easier on the protected substrate.

Permanent stains and damage from high pressure cleaning is avoided, preserving the natural appearance of walls, and greatly reducing cleaning and maintenance costs.

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Designed for the conservation of fine art acrylic murals.

Offers UV protection, consolidation, and weatherproofing.

The coating is flexible and completely clear, producing a luster to glossy finish.

Typical coverage 200-250 sq ft.per gallon.


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Highly effective, economical and BIODEGRADABLE remover for bare brick, stone and masonry applications.

Will remove all types of paints from porous stone and concrete surfaces including cinderblock, split face block and exposed aggregate.

Safe and effective to use on all types of natural stone

(such as limestone, granite, and marble)

(stainless steel, trees, plastics, playground equipment)

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Highly effective detergent concentrate intended for paving and hard surface cleaning.

Designed to tackle the hardest grease, grunge and grime stains such as vegetable and oil stains around trash enclosures, tire skid marks, gum ghosts and other marks from asphalt, concrete, stone, or tile floors.

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For the removal of all types of graffiti markers, spray can paints, overspray, scuff marks and grime from painted and smooth surfaces.

Safewipes will remove:

Spray Can Paints, Overspray, Feltpens, Magic Markers,
Crayons, Ballpoint Pens, Scuff Marks, Grease, Grime
and other marks, from:
Walls, Signs, Chairs, Whiteboards, Newspaper
Dispensers, Bathroom Walls, Desks, Post Boxes,
Commercial/ Real Estate/ Road Signs, Signal Control
Boxes, Playground Structures, Cars/ Trucks/ Trailers/
Equipment, Bus Stops, Powder Coat, Plastics and

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