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3D HD Metal

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  • Digs deep to get under and lift out old oxidized stains, leaves the surface with a high end polish
  • Rejuvenate metal surfaces
  • Removes oxidation & dulled tarnishes from metals, to like new condition
  • Conditions the metals to help resist further tarnishing
  • For restaurants, breweries, manufacturing plants, metal fabrication & more
  • Used by hand or for very large areas, use a buffer
  • It does the hard work for you

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Direction for use:

Shake Well Before Use. Apply by hand or with your favorite polishing tool.

Gently work HD METAL into surface allowing product to level away oxidation and contamination.

Then buff to clean high gloss, Follow up by applying HD Poxy to the surface creating a protective barrier that will last for several months.

Product Sizes:

473ML (16 OZ )


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