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3D Pink Car Soap

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  • Washes without removing wax.
  • Removes dirt, grime, & road film without dulling the paint surface.
  • Prepares vehicle for polishing & waxing.
  • pH balanced for hand wash applications.
  • Concentrated, dilute 1 oz per gallon of water or 200|1 in high pressure car washes.

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Direction for use:
For best results, dilute 1 oz per gallon and use high pressurized water to create rich foam. We recommend using a wash mitt to apply product to the car surface. Start from the top of the car and work your way down. Rinse off and dry with a soft, clean towel or chamois.

Full Service car wash: Depending on your water pressure and car wash system, your setting may be different. Start with the lowest tip (Pink tip 200;1) and work your way up until the desired foam is reached. NOTE: 3D Pink Car Soap is a thick product and a larger tip may be required.

Please note:
Do not use on glass or hot surfaces

Product Size:

1 Gallon
3785ML (128 FL OZ)


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