3D Yellow Degreaser


  • Works excellent on white wall tires.
  • Removes Greaser marks & brake dust.
  • Safe for all tires.
  • Eliminates hard scrubbing & leaves no film.
  • Concentrated, can be diluted up to 20 to 1 with water.
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Direction for use:
For light duty, dilute 1:30 parts water, for medium duty, dilute 1:10 and for heavy duty, dilute 1:4. Avoid contact with hot aluminum, magnesium and alloy wheels. DO NOT USE STRAIGHT.

After diluting in a 3D OSHA Spray Bottle, spray directly onto the wheel surface and allow 30 seconds to activate, then rinse. For stubborn dirt, use a 3D Scrub Brush.

Product Size:

1 Gallon
3785ML (128 FL OZ)


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