TEC582 Ceramic Detail Spray

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TEC582 Ceramic Detail Spray is one of the easiest ways to get ceramic protection. The product can be used as a standalone, with the Ceramic One Step Polish to aide in removal, or as a Ceramic Coating booster. TEC582 delivers exceptional gloss and slickness to the treated surfaces, along with unparalleled surface protection this can also be used over & over making it a must for express detailing. The product can be used on both wet and dry vehicles. The formula is highly substantive so only a few sprays per panel is needed for adequate coverage. The versatile product can be used on all exterior surfaces, including glass, plastic trim, chrome, moldings, and wheels.

• One of the easiest ways to get ceramic protection
• Can be used on wet or dry vehicles
• Unparalleled surface protection
• Highly substantive
• Can be used on all exterior surfaces

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Direction for use:
For first time application – Wash vehicle. Dry and Polish if necessary. Preform any needed preparation steps for a flawless finish (clay-bar, polish , etc)  Apply a few sprays to a panel. Use one microfiber tower to lightly wipe product into finish, Use a second microfiber towel to wipe to a high gloss shine.  For subsequent application (wet vehicle) – wash vehicle Apply a few sprays to a panel. wipe dry with a microfiber towel.  For best result start with glass to avoid streaking.

Please note:
Do not use on hot surfaces and do not allow to dry. Protect against freezing.

Product Attributes: 
Compliments and extends waxes or sealants already applied to the paint surface
Produces an extremely smooth surface, increasing the color depth and shine

Product Size:
473 ml (16 FL OZ)


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