About Alkota . . .

Alkota got its start all the way back in 1964 building steam cleaners in a converted creamery in Alcester, South Dakota; the small rural town we still call home. In fact our very name is an homage to our hometown; Al- for Alcester and -kota for South Dakota.” 

When a competing company in Vermillion sold to an outside bidder in 1983, seven of its key employees came together to purchase Alkota Manufacturing. The investors had a common business philosophy: treat your customers right, treat your employees right, and the rest will follow. That is still the philosophy the company goes by today. While several of the owners have passed on or retired from the business, three of the seven remain involved to this day. “

“Today Alkota has a diverse line of products and a worldwide distributor base. We offer these distributors continued education on our products and personal support for any issues that arise. But that’s because everything we do starts with the devotion and care of our people; masters of the trade with an unrivaled ability to solve problems and custom-build solutions as durable as the commitment they bring to work every day.

When you take an Alkota pressure washer to work, you take more wisdom, know-how and back-up than any other equipment in the business.”

About Hydro Tek . . .

” Since 1985, the name Hydro Tek has been synonymous with reliability in the pressure washing industry. Our products are engineered and manufactured to a high quality standard, enabling them to outlast the competition in any application, even under daily use. “

” Hydro Tek pressure washers and accessories are designed with the needs of commercial and industrial cleaning professionals in mind. We understand your need for reliability, performance, and durability, but we haven’t forgotten aesthetics. Our designs are functional as well as aesthetically appealing thanks to sleek, corrosion-resistant stainless steel panels and attractive “Pro-tect-it” frames .” 

” Whether you need to blast the mud off a bulldozer, clean oil off a well head, melt tar from paving equipment, or sanitize a concrete floor, our pressure washers can get the job done quickly and conveniently. With over 60 different models to choose from including electric, gas, and diesel power options, a variety of water tank sizes, and optional water recovery/recycling systems, we can create the perfect system for you particular application. “