Bio Zyme

This unique product uses bacteria to clean stains like milk, soda, coffee, throw-up etc.

The product is a blend of detergents that clean grease, oil and grime and 4 different strains of bacteria that actually eat grease, animal fat, proteins, feces, etc. So, anyplace where organic waste causes odors or build-up this product should be used.


Non caustic formula.

Super Concentrated. Contains over one billion bacteria per gallon.

Bacteria grow and eat until food source is gone.

Great for pet urine stains.

Can be siphoned into Car Wash Sump to reduce smell and hydrocarbons.

Dilutes up to 5-1.

Great for cleaning stains that have bad odors like throw-up, urine, milk, etc.

Special Tips and Precautions:

The best way to clean stubborn organic stains is to clean them using Bio-Zyme. Then cover them with a damp towel and let them sit in a warm place over night. The bacteria need warmth and moisture to multiply and eat the odor causing stain.


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