CarPro ClearCut was developed to QUICKLY remove defects whilst allowing you to easily view your work through the polish.

Within 1-2 passes you can begin to watch the defects literally disappear before your eyes as the compound begins to become transparent.

This allows you to continue cutting as needed, or stop as soon as the defects are removed and you find yourself ready for finishing polish.

In some cases and with the correct combinations this incredible next-gen compound may also be used as a 1 step product!

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  • Next-Gen Compound

  • Cuts FAST!

  • Saves time

  • Zero Fillers

  • Low dusting

  • Removes p1000 grit and up

  • Body shop safe

  • Compatible with both Dual Action and Rotary machine

  • Compatible with a variety of foam, microfiber, and wool pads


  • Size: 16 oz

  • Color: White


  1. Prime (clean dry pad) with a very thin worked in layer of compound and add an additional 3-4 pea sized drops of product

  2. Spread product across section

  3. Raise speed to HIGH speed with LOW pressure

  4. Use MINIMAL pressure for first 2-3 passes increasing pressure with each pass

  5. Increase pressure with each pass, finishing down with heavier pressure

  6. When scratches are gone or polish has been worked through, wipe clean with microfiber towel

  7. Clean pad

  8. Move to next section -> Apply 6 - 8 pea size drops to pad and repeat steps 2-7.


  • If needed, follow with CarPro Reflect, or Scholl Concepts S30

  • If coating the vehicle with CQuartz, we recommend CarPro Reflect Finishing Polish for finishing


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