D-A Coarse Cutting Foam Pad


foam pad is specially designed to be used with both random orbital and gear-driven tools. The unique open-cell all new foam material removes mild to severe defects from most paint systems. When paired with RUPES DA-COARSE compound provides improved cutting and finishing ability.

This new pad combines the best aspects of the previous blue and green foams, with an increased durability and a more vibrant blue color.

Tips For Success

  1. Clean pads frequently during use with compressed air, a vacuum, or RUPES claw pad tool to maintain consistent performance.

  2. Do not over-saturate the pad with compound. Too much compound can lead to diminished performance.

  3. After use clean with warm water and a mild soap, rinse well to remove residues, air dry.

  4. Avoid the use of solvent-based compounds and cleaners to prevent damage to the foam cell structure.


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