CarPro Essence is a semi-permanent SiO2 extreme gloss enhancer, finishing polish, primer, and coat in one.

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  • Shake well.
  • For more cut use  Microfiber Cutting Pad and prime well.
  • For finicky and soft paints use Microfiber Pad.
  • For maximum gloss use sparingly with Gloss Pad.
  • Spread evenly across section on low speed.
  • Polish on medium speed.
  • Clean pad often.
  • Clean pads ands towels immediately after use.


  • Do not ingest.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


  • Primes surface for CQuartz or CarPro Reload.
  • Produces extremely high gloss.
  • Semi-permanent filling capabilities.
  • Adds layer of SiO2 protection.
  • Use with D/A, rotary, or by hand.


  • Wash, decontaminate, compound and prep vehicle for polishing.


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