HoneyDew Air Freshner


Honeydew brings the scent of cool, refreshing, sun-kissed slices of vine-ripened melon to any environment! The fresh scent will fill your car with the relaxing scent of vacation and simple times.


Use This Air Freshener To:

  • Physically destroy odors at their source

  • Brighten your space with the scent of sunshine

  • Relax no matter where you are

  • Enjoy fresh fruity scent any time of the day

  • Enjoy the scent of summer all year long


  1. Clean and vacuum any debris and old food or stains that may be imparting foul smells into the automobile interior.

  2. Shake well.

  3. Lightly mist around carpets, cloth upholstery, and under seats.

  4. Enjoy fresh scent.


Sunshine In Every Spray

Honeydew is the perfect scent for a bright sunny day! Honeydew stimulates the senses with the refreshing, sweet, and crisp scent of fresh honeydew melon. Enriched with fruity overtones, this air freshener and odor eliminator delivers a fresh scent that lasts. One spray sends you on vacation from your troubles, refreshing mind, body, and soul for a relaxing time.


The Scent Of Vacation And Simple Times

The unique formula does more than mask foul odors; it actually eliminates odor-causing bacteria to completely remove bad smells! No matter where you use Honeydew, it is sure to bring the scent of cool, refreshing, sun-kissed slices of vine-ripened melon to any environment.  It’s the scent for the moments when you haven’t a care in the world. One spray is all you need to experience relaxation!


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