Odor Terminator

PRO® Aerosol Odor Terminator™ works two ways to eliminate all types of malodors. As a total release aerosol and as a hand held aerosol to be sprayed as needed. Eliminates odors on hard surfaces caused by: fire, smoke, vomit, urine, feces, skunks, fish, pets, cooking, mildew, decay, garbage, sewer, etc.. ODOR TERMINATOR™ is not a mask, it destroys odor at the molecular level. Its patented active ingredient, METAZENE®, permanently neutralizes and destroys recurring unpleasant odors, while leaving a clean, fresh fragrance. For use in autos, RV’s, airplanes, homes, hotels, motels, restaurants, hospitals, police stations, nursing homes, pet stores, farms, kennels, garbage areas, bathrooms, locker rooms, movie theaters and any place in need of instant odor elimination. One can treats 6,000 cubic feet.

 Note: Aerosol Odor Terminators (AOT) are not available for sale in the state of California.


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