Seal Brite

A thin liquid wax, Seal Brite separates into two layers, a clear orange solvent on top and a milky yellow on the bottom.

Contains a polyethylene wax for smoothness and silicone for longevity.

Use as a quick wax for “waiters” or as a pick-me-up for routine monthly details. Seal Brite’s high solvent content helps to clean road film, light oil, tree sap, road tar and other contaminants from auto finishes.

Seal Brite is recommended for dryer climates.


Very fast, easy-to-use formula.

High solvent content cleans and dries fast.

Neutral pH prevents “tracking” or staining of paint.

Very easy clean up! Low dust!

Can be used in direct sunlight.

Produces a slick, high gloss finish.

Neutral pH. Won’t "track" or stain paint.

Contains silicone and wax for filling and 1-2 month protection.

Special Tips and Precautions:

For humid climates, use Qwik Seal.

Apply by hand orbital, PC.


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