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  • Direction for use:
    Wash vehicle and rinse thoroughly
    Shake bottle before use and turn the nozzle to open.
    Evenly spray the sealant on the wet vehicle (approx 4-6 sprays per 4 ft section).
    Rinse immediately with plenty of clean water and dry the vehicle. Remove any leftover remnants with a microfiber towel.Product Attributes: 
    Spray on, rinse off - and it's sealed!
    Quick and easy during the car wash
    Enhances the color depth and provides a mirror like shine
    Impressive water and dirt repellent effect in no time at all

    Please Note:
    Do not use on hot surfaces. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Do not allow to dry. Always give special attention to the seams of the vehicle while rinsing product thoroughly.

    Product Size:
    750ml (25.36 FL OZ)

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