Adhesive Remover

Mark V Adhesive Remover is a blend of proprietary solvents used to remove gum, wax, grease and adhesives from vehicles.

It’s unique blend of solvents make it strong enough to rip through road spots and grease, yet it is mild enough to not harm plastic or paint.
Easy to use, fast working and safe for paint & plastic.


Paint, glass and fabric safe. 

Great for removing window sticker glue. 

Excellent for removing excess cosmoline left in door jams and engine compartments. 

Excellent adhesive remover for limousine manufacturers and other shops where custom interiors are installed. 

Removes Formica/Linoleum floor adhesive.

Removes excess adhesive after windshield repair.

Special Tips and Precautions:

Do not mix with other products.

Use to remove gum and oil spots before shampooing carpets and upholstery.


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