UNO is the most unique product you will ever use. It is great for detailers and body shops to create the ultimate finish with ease.
UNO does not contain silicones or waxes. It is a micro-fine polishing product that can easily remove 1200 sanding scratches when using a wool pad. But, when using a polishing foam pad, UNO will create a flawless, show car finish.

UNO contains a unique abrasive unlike any used in the auto care industry. This makes it the only product a body shop needs to create a show car finish in ½ the time.
To remove 1200 – 1500 sanding scratches, use UNO with a wool buffing pad. This combination will easily remove the sanding scratches and not just hide them like many other products.
Then, use UNO with a finishing foam pad. This will remove any swirls created by the wool pad and create a flawless, deep finish.


Removes scratches like a heavy compound, finishes like a fine polish.

Easy to use.

Neutral pH. Will not "track" or stain paint.

Very low residue. Less dust and easier clean-up then competing products.

Body shop safe. No silicones or waxes.

Can be used with any type of buffing pad.

Water-based product makes it safe for the environment.


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