Splash Water Spot Remover

Splash is a thickened acid product used to remove waterspots from paint, glass and chrome. It is a buffered blend that actually dissolves water spots and rinses them away. Splash is a pale red color and opaque. It has a cherry fragrance and is just thick enough not to run off of the surface of the paint or glass but slowly coat and cling to the surface. This product has been tested and recommended by Honda.

When using Splash to remove water spots, rubbing is not required. Allow the product to dwell on the surface, but do not allow it to dry. Keep on moving the product around the area to be cleaned until all water spots are dissolved. Then rinse with lots of water. Splash can be used on cars, mirrors, paint, motor homes, office buildings, boats, airplanes, etc.


Actually dissolves water spots.

Gel formula clings to surface.

Contains buffers help protect metal from corrosion.

Safely removes water spots from paint, glass & chrome.

Great for boats, RV’s, personal watercraft, etc.

Special Tips and Precautions:


Splash may accentuate any pitting that may be present on used windshields. We do not recommend using Splash on older windshields!

When removing water spots, Do not spray on. Apply with a soft cloth or sponge.

Make sure surfaces are cool to the touch before applying.

Always work from the bottom towards the top to avoid streaks.

Hydrofluoric acid is a calcium seeker and will attack fingernails. Wear an apron, gloves and goggles.

Do not use Splash on side view mirrors. If Splash gets behind the mirror, it may cause noticeable streaking.


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