IP 200

P-200 is the ultimate “wet” polish for difficult dark colored paints.

Contains very fine polishing particles and wetting agents, which actually polish away swirls and light scratches instead of hiding them.

IP-200 contains silicones, emollients and surfactants for just the right combination of depth, wetness and protection.

Use with a high-speed polisher and foam pad to polish out swirls and restore depth and clarity to black, red and other difficult paint colors.


Produces a deep, high gloss, swirl free finish. It makes reds and blacks look very "wet".

Can be used with a cutting, lamb’s wool or foam pad to achieve different cutting/polishing combinations.

Neutral pH. Won’t "track" or stain paint.

Contains silicone polymers for 2-4 month protection.

Removes that hazy appearance common on black finishes.


Special Tips and Precautions:

As with all polishes, be sure painted surfaces are cool to the touch before applying product.

Can be used by hand in cooler climates; however, most people find it a little sticky coming off.

IP200 likes clean, smooth, properly prepared surfaces. Use the appropriate surface contaminate removers before applying IP200.


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