Qwik Kut Mv-250

This is an aggressive compound used to remove 1,000 – 1,200 grit sanding scratches. MV-250 uses a high tech blend of abrasives that cut then quickly break down and polish to a high gloss finish.

Works with either a foam or wool pad. This product uses an Aluminum Oxide abrasive, which is safer than the silica abrasive used in the MV-90.

This abrasive also breaks down faster and provides a better polish than the silica abrasive in the MV-90.

The benefit is a swirl-free finish. This is a great first step compound for Body Shops and competes well against other aluminum oxide containing compounds.

MV-250 will not stain or stick to paint. Splatter easily cleans up with a damp towel or by rinsing the vehicle with water.


Cleans using both abrasive and chemical cleaners.

Neutral pH. Will not "track" or stain paint.

Body Shop Safe. Does not contain silicone or wax.

Abrasive breaks down into a flat polishing mode resulting in a smoother less swirled finish.

Less dust and easier clean up then competing products.

Will not load up pad when used as recommended (sparingly).

Special Tips and Precautions:

As with all compounds, be sure the painted surfaces are cool to the touch before applying product.

This product should only be used with a high-speed polisher.

Because the heat and friction of the buffer generate the “flattening” process, pad types and buffer speed will change the amount of time it takes to get to a glossy finish.

It is important to continue to buff in small sections and to work the product through its full cycle.

Stopping prematurely will leave the surface scuffed or swirled.


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