Showroom Finish

An innovative spray-on, wipe-off finish enhancer, which quickly removes dust, fingerprints, smudges, light dirt, bird droppings, and everything else the environment can unleash on a car’s finish.

To use as a wax booster, simply spray onto a freshly washed vehicle (no need to dry first) and chamois as normal, leaving you with that ‘just waxed look’ in a fraction of the time.

Cleans and shines glass, chrome and all painted surfaces.

An excellent lubricant for Body Clay.


Contains silicone polymers for longevity.

Very easy to use, just spray-on and wipe –off with a soft towel or diaper.

Cleans and protects in one step.

Leaves painted surfaces clean and slick.

Dilute 1-1 with water.

Can be used in dust-free areas, where traditional polishes can’t.

Can be used after washing as a wax booster.

Can be used right in the showroom. No need to remove vehicles outside in order to clean them.


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